Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pretty *S*

This was originally a little sketch I made for my friend *S* when she found out she had to have braces put back on her teeth in her 20's. She was not very impressed, so I made her this little character to make her laugh.

Not quite sure why she's wearing a crash helmet, but maybe it's because she is known for being pretty unlucky and clumsy! Actually, I don't think she is more clumsy than the rest of us, but she has the guts to laugh at herself and admit when she has done something clumsy whereas I would just go bright red and pretend like nothing happened...

This was originally just a sketch, scanned and coloured digitally in flat colour, but I fancied having a go at a pastel version. Not the most amazing thing, but it'll do nicely as this week's IF contribution.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sketches and Sunshine

(Some more character sketches I've been working on)
The sun is shining today and the temperature has crawled up to 6 degrees, much to the relief of the people around here. English people are good at a lot of things, but snow is not one of them! It's all a little amusing to someone from a winter country. To be fair though, it is not often they have to deal with this much of it.

I have just about got back into the rhythm of things, and have had a nice and productive January so far. Today is set aside for sketching, so I've got my coffee and my moleskin ready and am all set.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


After what felt like minutes after I opened my Epla shop, one of my pictures appeared on the front page as one of Epla's 'daily loves'. How fun!

Butikk på Epla.no

Eg har åpna ein liten butikk på epla.no!
På denne fine sida kan vi kjøpe og selge i norske kroner, og ikkje minst oppdage spennande nye ting laga av kreative "naboar".

Akkurat no er det mest kjente trykk å finne i butikken min, men nytt og friskt stoff er på veg!

This one is for the Norwegians, really. I have opened a shop at the newish site epla.no. Epla is a Norwegian equivalent to Etsy. I will of course keep my Etsy shop open as well.