Saturday, 6 February 2010

Stinky får en ny ven

Illustrator Lynne Chapman writes a blog that is a real treasure trove for anyone interested in illustrating for children. She writes honestly about her process and shows us some great work-in-progress photos. Her posts on the creation of the book Bears on the Stairs are especially great.

Last week, Lynne posted some pictures of what her publisher had said was the Dutch edition of the book Stinky. After a few seconds of feeling quite exited that I was suddenly able to read and understand Dutch, I realised that this book surely had to be Danish. I sent Lynne an email to let her know, and because she is generous enough to give away the foreign editions of her books, she sent me one of her Danish copies!

One of the spreads from the book, where Stinky is having afternoon tea with the monkeys. Don't you just love the eye contact between the monkeys and Stinky?

Lynne also included a lovely post card and one of her bookmarks. The bookmark is a great idea as an alternative business card. The format has enough space for a short introduction, a list of some of her books, and links to her websites.

I do love illustrated end pages. It just adds that little something extra to a picture book. Love this little fatty with his banana and straw.

The picture on the right is borrowed from Lynne's website.

It's interesting to see how the Danish publisher decided to design the cover, using very different typography. The title has also changed a bit in the Danish version. The full UK title is: Stinky! Or How the Beautiful Smelly Warthog Found a Friend, while the Danish title simply reads: Stinky gets a new friend. Scandic love of less is more, or just lazy translation? Hm. Not sure...

Stinky får en ny ven is a very sweet story about finding friends who will love you for who you are, and about being misunderstood. The illustrations add some colourful humour that helps keep the story from getting too sweet and mushy.

Thanks Lynne!

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Lynne Chapman said...

You are more than welcome. I'm so glad you like my little smelly friend. And what a lovely post - thank you so much!