Friday, 11 December 2009

Almost Christmas

Did we forget to have November this year?! This autumn has gone by so quickly, and I am now sitting here looking at our little tree and Christmas decorations with a slight feeling of surprise. How did we get here? Tonight is the last night in our flat before going away for three weeks, so I am crossing out the last things on my To-Do list and am going to spend tonight baking Norwegian Christmas cookies and trying to slow down and take in the Christmas feeling.

This guy is heading out to find the perfect Christmas tree. If he's anything like me though, he'll come back with a slightly lopsided and sad-looking one. I always feel so sorry for the less pretty ones...

I have been knocking out the background on most of my drawings lately, but I like the warm tone of the paper on this one, so have left it in for now.


justdoodleit said...

Lovely colors on the character. Goes well with the paper :) Happy Holidays!

cold*toes said...

Thanks! Happy Holidays to you too! :)